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  1. The Gorgeous Simon Lebon picture thread

    I thought that Simon & the the other members during the last tour still looked handsome & were good eye candy. Us guys who are gay appreciate their good looks as well, but for me personally it's mostly about the music.
  2. Confirmed : The boys are back in the studio

    Great news that the band is possibly returning with Ronson! I have been following them for so many years, and I would appreciate another full album that I could listen to repeatedly. I really loved both AYNIN & RCM even though many people were very disappointed & divided about RCM.
  3. Q: LK SCREEN NAMES... What does YOURS mean?

    Just picked the name because I especially love early DD, and they released their first single, video, & album in 81'. I also love a number of other artists that were releasing pretty amazing records that year.
  4. OMG New Album from Bowie!

    Great news and I'm really hoping that the album is good. Bowie has obviously been a major influence on DD.
  5. How many times have you seen Duran Duran?

    I've been fortunate enough to have seen DD live nine times. The Wedding Album- once Medazzaland- once Pop Thrash- once Astronaut- twice Red Carpet Massacre- three times All You Need Is Now- once (I would have seen them twice because I had a ticket for the canceled Atlantic City Concert). All the tours were great, but my favorite tour by them was probably Red Carpet Massacre (surprise, surprise :excl: )
  6. What are the Top Ten Duran Duran Songs

    I can't rank them in order, but these are generally my top ten favorite songs by DD. I like most of their music throughout their amazing career, but my favorite all time tracks come from the first three albums. 1) planet earth 2) sound of thunder 3) late bar 4) rio 5) hungry like the wolf 6) last chance on the stairway 7) save a prayer 8) hold back the rain 9) new moon on monday 10) shadows on your side
  7. Your favourite song (Seven And The Ragged Tiger)

    It was almost a virtual tie for me b/w new moon on monday & shadows on your side, but I picked NMOM. The remix single of the reflex kicks ass as well! Seven & the ragged tiger is such a great album, but I like the first two pretty much better.
  8. Currently listening to....

    Good to read what other people are listening to recently. I still listen to AYIN album & a diamond in the mind on a regular basis. I also have been listening to a lot of mika, adam lambert, scissor sisters, & new madonna. I also play a lot of eighties music, such as blondie, go go's, early prince, & depeche mode. I always have music on either at home, work, or while I'm driving b/c I enjoy it so much.
  9. Your Favourite Duran Duran Song

    I picked the chauffeur b/c it was original & a strange sounding song. The video is awesome & quite unusual as well. There are several great songs on the list, but I guess the runners up for me would be friends of mine & the seventh stranger. I really get a kick out of reading other people's choices too!
  10. Your favourite John Taylor period

    It was a close toss up b/w 80-81 & 82-84, but I ultimately picked 82-24 b/c of my own very personal reasons. When I was a kid, I knew that I liked guys over girls b/c he was just this really tall & good looking pop star that continue catching my attention in their band photos & videos. I guess in the early eighties, I should have been looking at madonna or deborah harry for my first pop crush b/c of my roman catholic upbringing, but thankfully that never happened. I agree with the women & I'm sure at least with a few men on this site, that John continues to appear with age to be a beautiful guy inside & out.
  11. I would love to hear at least several different songs return to the set list, especially since their set list for this past tour was not that flexible. I felt that they were sticking to many of the same songs. I would pick late bar, sound of thunder, & lonely in your nightmare, but so many other songs would be just as special & make me & I'm sure others very happy. :shakebutt:
  12. This was a great album to me. I really enjoyed almost all the songs & DD were awesome during this tour. I saw them three times during the RCM tour & I felt they were more experimental with the music & the different songs on the set list.
  13. Favourite song (B-Sides)

    I really love late bar, faster than light, fame, khanada, & like an angel. I don't know all the later b-sides, but I will be checking them out.
  14. Favourite Artists according to DD fans

    Madonna, David Bowie, Depeche Mode, Robbie Williams, & Scissor Sisters. I have a couple of more favorites, but we were told to list only five favorite artists.