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  1. Fav 3 tracks off Paper Gods?

    "What Are the Chances", "Only in Dreams" and "You Kill Me With Silence" are my favorites. :] I also really love "Cinderella Ride".
  2. Music association thread for poor Warren

    Can't Shake It - Great White
  3. Music Association

    Lights Out - UFO
  4. musical association game

    Back in the Day - Megadeth
  5. This would be awesome! My mom and I are both Hunger Games fans and to hear Simon on the soundtrack would be amazing.
  6. Happy 56th Birthday to our Simon LeBon!

    Happy Birthday, Simon!!
  7. musical association game

    When You Need Someone - Cheap Trick
  8. Music Association

    It's Only Money - White Horse
  9. Musical Association

    These Dreams - Heart
  10. joint concert

    I like Duran Duran and Tears for Fears.
  11. Musical Association

    Crying to the Sky - Be Bop Deluxe
  12. Music Association

    Forever More - Tesla
  13. Duran Duran playlist in SongPop!! It's a dream come true!!

  14. Fame vs Rebel Rebel which is the better Bowie cover?

    Fame! I am not actually not much of a fan of the original version for some reason, but I absolutely love Duran Duran's version. But any of their David Bowie covers are great!
  15. Music association thread for poor Warren

    Cobwebs and Strange - The Who