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  1. Last Night On Earth - U2 (I'm lobbing this one up for an obvious Duran themed response )
  2. Head Like a Hole - Nine Inch Nails
  3. Musical Association

    Do You Wanna Turn Me On? - Duran Duran (unreleased Wedding Album demo song)
  4. Musical Association

    Great song, one that never seems to get its due compared to hisother hits! In the City - The Jam
  5. Musical Association

    In the Name of the Father - Bono & Gavin Friday
  6. musical association game

    Green is the Colour - Pink Floyd
  7. Music Association

    Wait - White Lion
  8. Music Association

    Girl - Beck
  9. Metallica sues Tribute Band..

    It was their overzealous attorney that did it without the band's (or their management's) knowledge. They've fired the attorney, apologized to the tribute band, and given them full permission to use their logo:
  10. Silent Running - Mike & The Mechanics
  11. Music Association

    They Don't Know - Tracey Ullman (cover of KirstyMacColl's song, but I like Tracey's better)
  12. Musical Association

  13. Musical Association

    Modern Love - David Bowie (first record I ever bought) RIP Thin White Duke...
  14. Running With the Night - Lionel Richie
  15. Celebrity Skin - Hole