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  1. Hi Dura! Just getting back into the swing of things, it's been so long I'vealmost forgotten how to work this place!! lol!! I popped in for a nose a while ago & had a mini chat with PWU but have only just had the chance to get back now. I have a lot of reading to do!!
  2. All Night Party

    Ps.. When I say recently it was more like Halloween time! The pub had pumpkins on the bar.
  3. All Night Party

    Hi folks, just a drive by post really to say HELLO to all you lovely lot! No DD news to speak of but I have been a bit cheeky lately & I've been to JT's house for a peek through the hedge a few times recently! Nearly pressed the intercom but didn't thankfully! Was most impressed by his pure white peacock & took a few cheeky snaps! Went to his local too for a swifty.. Sadly I'd missed him by about 12 hours! Always my luck! All the best. X
  4. One Direction/Duran Duran

    Hi LQ *waves*
  5. One Direction/Duran Duran

    I rarely post here anymore so I'm not gonna jump in without reading first! And I'm not a bandwagon jumper at the best of times anyway.. No harm done. I only popped back for a gander around I'm not staying, just the occasional look in really.. Apology appreciated & accepted.
  6. One Direction/Duran Duran

    Thanks for clarifying whispers... I thought what I'd put was pretty clear but clearly Baddie was too quick to whinge about things not being read properly to bother reading properly! Twat
  7. One Direction/Duran Duran

    Silly to compare the music as 1D don't do it all & don't play any instruments, they don't even dance! But nonetheless they're doing a bloody good job keeping the teenagers happy (my 13yr old particularly)!! I 'shall' be taking her out of school for one of the gigs next year & I don't care! I'm also taking her off to Ireland next year for another 1D gig.. The memories she'll have when she's older will be fab!! Unlike poor me *insert violins* who never got to see my band (DD) until I was old enough to buy my own ticket. Ps.. Baddie I see the visual comparisons you were talking about. @Simo-One of the 1D lads is a neighbour of my in laws & I can assure you he's a very sound grounded lad, of course they're gonna make flippant statements about all sorts of crap because they're in the limelight & worshipped world wide at a very tender age! Their bloody heads are spinning!! Good luck to em I say.
  8. Who misses Andy?

    Me! Stage presence 100% & wished I'd have focused more on him at gigs.. For the warren supporters.. I blow you a raspberry.. He was an ill fitting twat. That's it.
  9. All Night Party

    Old days.. Old fun days.
  10. Simon and Timbaland performing 'The Reflex'

    Timbaland is a twat.... That is all.
  11. All Night Party

    I haven't seen the camel of doom for years! I thought his old handler had ridden off into the sunset on him?!