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  1. Will Duran Duran cancel their Charlotte show?

    You missed a great show. Saw them in 93 at Charlotte also. Felt bad for TTD. He went from being the next Prince to opening for Duran and, sadly, no one was paying much attention to him as the opening act.
  2. Will Duran Duran cancel their Charlotte show?

    Yep, I think the bathroom/locker/shower situation is a reasonable concern and folk should be able to discuss it without being demonized. Like many, at first I just assumed the state law had something to do with that and that folks were over-reacting. Reading the state bill changed my mindand ticked me off b/c it prevents reasonable people from being able to have a conversation and to work towards a common understanding.You're right - it'stoo bad that folks can't use common sense and simply be respectful of each other. One of my concert buds - his kids have seen two different rock shows (other bands)with us but they were smaller shows without the production stuff - so being that they're 17/19 ish, I wanted them to have the experience of screaming chicks <grin> all around `em - so I got the close up ticks thru the fan club. I usually pick seats based on good photo taking opportunities to kinda combine love of music with photography(I sneak a dsl into shows) and the seats down front often don't have any kind of incline which makes taking pics a pain. Awesome about your 4th row seats and I hope ya get a Simon experience again!Are Chic opening at your show(s)?I hope so.I hope Duran and Chic tour togetheragain on future tours - and as co-headliners. AndNile should rap more! You'll have to post about your experience when you see `em. Addition: I just re-read my earlier post and the portion that said (I'm going to edit it in a minute): "Folks thathave concernswith the bathroom/shower/locker room law - they'regenerally haters, they 're mostly trying toaddress unintended consequences of a Charlotte law." ....What I MEANT to say was that Folks that have concerns with the bathroom/shower/locker room law - they're generally NOT haters....they're mostly trying to address unintended consequences of the law." Geez - sorry about that. I wondered why you mentioned "my post above was strictly....." as if you needed to explain anything, since I thought your posts were completely reasonable and now I see why. Again - sorry about that. I'm going to make that edit now.
  3. Will Duran Duran cancel their Charlotte show?

    I'm surprised no one has posted about the Charlotte show yet. It was a great show and a really great audience, IMO (John said we were the best audience ever at the very end of the show.....something to that effect anyway.....I thought, "That's a bit extreme and I wonder how much he meant it [he seemed to!] but we'll take it"). Bag Raiders were really good (do our Aussie friends know them?). Theywere psyched to be opening the show and their songs were instantly enjoyable without having heard them. They got things off to good start.My seats were 3rd row on the left (bass) side of the stage and I could see Nile standing behind the scenes on the right side of the stage smiling and checking out the BGset andyou could tell he was enjoying it. He took a few cell pics too. Then Chic - which was amajor reason for me going to the show having already been to the DPAC in Durham at the end of March. I had high expectations and Chic met and exceeded them. The audience was, as I'd hoped, completely engaged with Chic's set and it was a large crowd (not sure if all the lawn seats were taken, but PNC holds 19,500 people and it looked pretty packed to me). Nile recognized people in the audience from the Atlanta show the night before and was psyched that they had traveled to NC and he really made a point to thank them in a "wow man, this awesome!" kind of way. That's Nile though, right? Authentic and someone who radiates positive energy both in receiving and giving it out. I had a big smile on my face their whole set. Duran were great and prob about 30 mins into the show Simon did his line about politics but with a caviaote.....(paraphrasing) - We offer you a politics free night of entertainment......for about an hour. And then we need to have a talk". (hope I got at least the flavor right but imagine a parent saying "You can watch tv for one more hour and then we're going to have a serious talk about your homework.......that was the vibe). Great show, again, great audience and then at the encore came the political piece. I've read the thread here and think folks have made good points. As an independent, I'm easily irritated by folks on both the left and the right pushing their more extreme agendas. [edited....I initially left the word "not" out]: they're generallynot haters....they're mostly trying to address unintended consequences of the localCharlottelaw. For those that don't know, there was a Charlotte law that was first passed dealing with some local protections. So when the state law was passed as a reaction and there was all this negativity - my assumption was, "Here we go again.....why can't folks be respectful on both sides and work out issues without making the other side be a bad guy." Personally, I could care less. When I use the restroom, I'm not taking an inventory of who's around. But if I had a wife or a young daughter - I wouldn't want men being able to choose to go into a women's restroom unless there was a reason behind it. When I read the state law though - I's clearly far beyond the scope of ironing out any issues related to the bathroom/shower/locker room thing. My point in all of this is that folksshould read what's in it and think most will agree that the governor (who I have neither supported or opposed....I've been pretty neutral on him, quite frankly) -is not being truthful about the intent of the state law. I remember initially reading the headlines that called it an"anti glbt" lawand thought, "Well, that's a bit of editorializing inthe headlines" - but afterreading the billmyself.....I mean...........It certainly reads that way to me. Musicians, IMO, should stay out of political stuff in general - especially local politics. Springsteen cancelling and the various companies that have, often hypocritically,pulled out of expansions in NC, etc. - who do they think it hurts when they take that route? It hurts everybody, including those that they say they support. So if a Springsteen feels that there are people on an island that need help because they're being oppressed, I think he does more harm than good burning a bridge. I get the economic thing and believe in individuals voting with their dollars in a local way,but even the economic punishment hurts those that he says he's trying to support. So hopefully anyone reading this will get that my predisposition is NOT to vilify folks who simply have concerns over bathroom/shower/locker room situations as I think some of those concerns are reasonable concerns and that I'm not someone who typically cares what a musicianhas to say politically whether I agree or disagree with them. So having said all that - I think Duran handled the situation very well. Whether they would play or not was an issue they felt they needed to address several days before the show. They looked into the issue to make sure they had an understanding of what was going on and they talked to the groups that are impacted by the law so to see how they could be supportive. They madea decision to play. And in doing so, it makes sense that they had avalid reasonto make it clear where they stood. The band all stood together and Simon read from the press release and near the end of it, added that the state law wasn't just about bathrooms/showers (and just as I was - I think a lot of folks are initially misinformed about the state law). Anyway........there's several clips but here's one (below)that captures this part of the show and Lizard Queen, after it was over, these words registered in my brain: "Lizard Queen would approve". If there were any disapprovals int he audience, I didn't see or hear them. The audience was clapped/reacted favorably as they had done for the entire show. Here's the clip: Oh! And after Rio, they did the usual "everybody on stage bowing to the audience - thanking the audience" piece and Simon, cheekily (literally cheekily) was walking behind John and smacked him in the butt provocatively and then faced the audience with a big grin and put is finger up in the air (I want to say he licked hishand or something - I can't remember the exact thing he did but it was meant to be fun/provocative and had me laughing. I hope someone captured it on video and will post it to youtube.
  4. Tom Bailey / Thompson Twins

    Me too. Before the age of CDs, they would release cassette tapes in the U.S. that had most of the full album on one side and then remixes and dubs/instrumentals on the 2nd. Remember those Arista tapes with the red backing plastic? I wore those things out. I think due to how much music they put on those releases, there was too much tape in the spool and eventually the tapes would break. The Side Kicks album (or Quick Step and Side Kick, outside of the U.S.) was so great. I played Kamikaze and the instrumental to death......taunted my sister (7 years younger than me and she was alittle kid going to dance school) with the song Judy Do. I liked the 7-piece version of the TTT all the way to the end with the 2 piece. My Funky Valentine and Strange Jane were my two favorites from the last TTT album. Loved the two Babble albums after that as well, but yeah - there was something about the early TTT stuff. I was a bit wired about buying albums on cd in the late 80s/early to mid 90s with this irrational fear (which was a bit more of a reality back then) that if I wasn'table toobtain a particular cd that it would end up being unavailable forever. Igot the U.S. cd of In The Name of Love - but I knew they had released A Product Of (1st album) and Set (2nd album) in the UK and that ITNOL was just some of the tracks pulled from each release. For years I had a recurring dream where I found those first two albums on cd (I don't think they existed on cd least not in America) and I would wake up kinda confused and wondering if the albums really existed on cd, etc.Anytime I was in any store that had cds, I always "checked" to make sure they didn't have those albums on cd. Kinda wacky - but this was before the internet, mp3s and when I relied on Goldmine magazine to try to figure out what international releases might exist. Thankfully, all their early stuff was re-released in 2008 or 2009. Anyone else have memories of trying to chase down releases that you weren't sure even existed in a particular format? To keep things a bit Duran related........I remember lots of articles and interviews from both bands where the Durans mentioned being fans and partying with the Twins and vice versa. There they are together at Live Aid with big changes coming right around the corner. Here's Simon and Yasmin at a Thompson Twins party (which is where the previously posted pic of Alannah and Simon occurred as well):
  5. Tom Bailey / Thompson Twins

    Yep - I seem to remember that as well and he's made music under the name International Observer.
  6. Tom Bailey / Thompson Twins

    Lol. Looks a bit more Howard Jones than Nick Rhodes, as keyboard players go.
  7. Tom Bailey / Thompson Twins

    Glad to read a coupla replies. Guess I thought there were prob more folks that were into the TTT back in the day. I'm surprised you can't hear similarities with the TTT, Leopard. Song structure, tone, etc.......reminds me a lot of the ol' Thompson Twin's ballads and the choruses to their upbeat stuff. Different ears.... Sure - it's missing the blatant stuff, but it's got all the underlying structure that some of their old stuff had and the overall vibe. And thanks for posting Nilebloggers. I grew up in the 80s but musically have always moved on and prefer that musicians do the same as long as they're being authentic, growing musically, and not just trying to be trendy. I guess that's why I like the Bailey song. It sounds authentic while being a nice reminder.For a while, Tom, Alannah and Joe really threw off on their stuff a bit harshly. When they moved on, they really moved on - so it's been a long time to hear an echo. As for a reunion. I'd agree with you both - that's it's a bit unlikely.......but with Bailey interested again, enough time having gone by, etc., I wouldn't be toosurprised if a temporary kinda thing happened.Tom and Alannah have always remained good friends from everything I've read (I've seen occasional photos of them together at an event or two, all smiles, etc.). Great 4-part interview with Joe from a while back. He goes through the early TTT history up until his leaving (and then his life after). .....leading up to what he's been doing for a while: To keep things a bit Duran related....
  8. Tom Bailey / Thompson Twins

    So how many folks here were fans of the Thompson Twins / Babble back in the day? They were, of course, produced by Alex Sadkin and Nile Rodgers. Nick and Simon were fans of their early stuff and I remember both bands talking about "Duran Duran/Thompson Twins" parties. For me, they wereone of those early favorite bands that were a big part of my youth and I've always missed them in a way. I knew that Tom Bailey had started touring again last year and playing Thompson Twins songs again (a bit of a jolt when I realized that The Thompson Twins have never toured in my adult life and that, really has been THAT long). A bit ago, I just happened to check to see what new Pledge Music campaigns were kicking around and saw one for Tom Bailey and, of course, checked it out. The full song is at the link below with some background on it's origin (it involves the refuge crisis, which we've discussed here on the board at times). If you were never into the Twins, then it probably won't be any big deal - but after such a long time, hearing a new Tom Bailey song in a similar vein as TTT - I was kinda blown away. It has that TT vibe while sounding the way you'd imagine the TT might sound in their 50s. The TT percussion, simple keyboard melody/structure, and some nice light instrumentation that suits the song and then Bailey's vocals which sound classic TT. Was curious how many of ya'll might've also been into the twins back in the day and your thoughts on the new song by Bailey. I really like it and ordered a coupla copies (he's signing/numbering them too).
  10. North American Tour Starts Tonight! New Setlist?
  11. Nice coverage of Duran Simon/Nick in Metro Weekly..

    Simon made it sound like they've updated the show but I couldn't tell if he meant that they've updated it since the UK shows in December, or if he just meant the show had been updated from the west coast shows last summer/fall. Hopefully he meant that the show has been expanded from the UK shows.
  12. Really Love Only in Dreams..

    I saw Midnight Express years ago and remember the tone/feel of the movie but have forgotten the specifics. I love aftertherain's suggestion of a movie gathering (and you made it sound like one of those perfect something out of a movie itself!). I love that Duraffinity refered to seeing all of "these knuckleheads" (the description I often use for myself and kinda think suits folks on the board, in a good way) - and yeah.....wouldn't that be a trip! And Simonalways - I loved Silence of the Lambs and even Hannibal (with Julianna Moore) was pretty good (much of it was filmed in North Carolinaandthe movie felt familiar right away.....just the scenery and trees, etc.). Coolio - did you really have a hernia operation? Poor guy! All I can say to that is to quote Long Duck Dong from the movie Sixteen Candles: "I enjoy pushing lawn mowing machine so grandpa's heina.........don't get disturbed!" "HERNIA!" (someone teach me how to embed video.....please?)
  13. Really Love Only in Dreams..

    All I could think is that he has the same neck moves as this guy:
  14. Really Love Only in Dreams..

    Surely you're joking. If my picking about Madonna is being "outright mean" - then we need to get you to an AA meeting. Hopefully this is just another one of your wacky posts where, like an idiot, I take you seriously when you're just messin' with me.