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  1. Yes please JT and guys do OVERPLAY..

    Yep.  When (notice I didn't say "if") Duran are inducted, I bet they'd invite both Warren and Andy and all perform together.  I hope I'm right - but I think they'd all be on board with that. BMI - if I ever run into Cetera somewhere, I'm sending him to your house to sing to you (with instructions to sing like he freggin means it) and he has to bring you pizza and a desert.  You deserve no less. 
  2. Yes please JT and guys do OVERPLAY..

    Lol.  Yah....I know.  I got no gripes with Roxette.  Peter Cetera is being a jerk about their induction at the R&R Hall of Fame.  Total prick.  How f---ing hard is it for him to show up, pretend to have some class for 30 minutes, and perform a few songs for the fans that supported him/Chicago?  I got zero respect for Mr. Power Ballad blow dry.  He should show up with some humility, play Hard To Say I'm Sorry and then go away for good. 
  3. Duran first Grammy video receipents...

    I think Ordinary World is one of their best videos.  Perfect Day was too......I dunno.  Great videos do something for a song that the song itself doesn't do.  I don't see any reason Perfect Day should have won something. And anyone else get a little tired of all the award stuff?  We're actors.....let's give ourselves awards.  We're the [fill in the blank] industry......let's give ourselves awards and talk about ourselves as if we're the end all - be all.  Grammys are generally proof that someone sucks IMO.  There are a few exceptions, but usually?  The folks that win grammys tend to be pretty terrible musically. 
  4. That's too funny.  I love that such a specific reference would make it as a plot point.  The ITSISK set is funny to see in that context and the explanation of the power of the red ball is pretty awesome.  Kudos to whoever wrote/worked that stuff into the plot.
  5. Ckassy act you are Timbaland..

    Sad if true.  Money can't by class.
  6. I'm a sucker for time capsule type blogs and was scrolling through one this evening and found something Thank You related.  This is a cool blog in general but scroll down to the Thank You photo and see what someone discovered: Someone should send this in to Ask Katy.
  7. To echo Coolio......great post aftertherain.  I read it last night while traveling and made a mental note to make sure to thank you for taking the time to post your Chic experiences.  I especially enjoyed you describing meeting Nile and having the 45 minute conversation at the hotel.  How freggin cool is that?  I'm probably repeating stuff I've said a million times, but I'm not a big "gotta meet famous people" kinda person.  I've been in the same room with several of my favorite singer/songwriter/musicians and have had the thought of " you've loved the music of this person since you were 16 and bought every album the day they were released; do you want to meet [him/her]?"  The answer has always been, "naaahh"."   (and btw - nothing wrong with those who do want to meet someone, shake their hand or get an's all cool........just not my personality so much, though I wouldn't NOT do if I was in a situation where the artist was expecting/welcoming that type of interaction......I just might not seek it out to be in that situation). Anyway....all that said, out of everyone I can think of.........if I were walking down the street and saw a musician that I'm a fan of, I wouldn't cross the street or bother them......with Nile being one of the very few exceptions.  If I saw Nile (can you tell I've thought of this over the years???) in a situation where I wasn't going to disrupt or interrupt something he was doing......just saw him walking down the street alone or that kind of thing, I would definitely approach him and apologize for asking, but just tell him that I think he's one of the coolest, most positive people on the planet and could I shake his hand or give him a hug and see if some of that positive mojo rubs off on me.  Reading your story, it was like getting to do that a bit in going through your experience through you - so thanks for sharing that.  As much as we shouldn't put musicians on a pedestal.....and I tend to not do that, it is very nice reading about your experience with Nile and Nile coming across exactly as I would expect him to.  I still need to check out the music/video and will do that soon.  For me the most Chic sounding Duran song is Pressure Off (best Duran "hit" type of song in 20+ years and fits right in with their early hits).  It has that positive Chic vibe, some funk and, of course, the man himself.....Nile.   Can't wait to see Chic at the Charlotte show.  Looking forward to their set as much as Duran's set.
  8. Nashville date cancelled?

    Nah, I work in finance (kinda why the business side of stuff interests me a lot though there's clearly a separation between artistic quality/merits vs. commercial considerations).   My job requires occasional travel and the Detroit airport is a good mid-point to several of the locations I travel to.  My town is a mid-sized town so direct flights are often not available.  Detroit's airport is the best so I always try to make connecting flights there.  As I was about to land for a 2 hour layover, I thought "Hmmmm....maybe I should call a local radio station and request a Duran song in honor of Andre...." (I didn't do it.....but the thought did occur to me).  As far as ticket prices go.......several things determine that don't they?  If the venue is highly in demand (this is Nashville we're talking about) then that would raise the costs for the promoter.  And as others have mentioned, the local market is going to determine much of the cost.  Good ol' supply and demand economics.  If those high priced seats don't sell, then closer to the show they'll be available for much less.  If I'm bored on a weekend with nothing to do I'll sometimes check and see who's playing within a 2 hour drive and look for a single ticket (those oddball seats that no one wants because most folks go in pairs/groups) and can often get a really good deal on the day of the show.  I think my tickets for this tour have averaged about $125 a ticket (8 tickets.....4 each for 2 different shows).  One show the seats are.......I think 4th row left stage, so those are pretty close and sound like they'd be a lot more expensive in TN.  You'd almost think prices might be lower in Nashville due to competition/variety, so it's an interesting question as to why the prices are a bit higher (if that's the case.....I haven't really compared other than reading the posts in the thread).
  9. Nashville date cancelled?

    Andre.....I'm in your airport in Detroit, waiting for a flight as I type this, and would just like to report that I see no signs of Duran Duran here. 
  10. Simon's Super-Cool Lyrics: The Medazzaland Thread

    I never noticed that before.  Almost looks like Bowie. 
  11. Beautiful version of Chauffeur..

    Sounds like Simon to me, but the demo was a Simon/Andy demo if memory serves so I supposed there could be some Andy singing on it.  Just shows what a great song it is that the demo was so different from the version recorded for Rio. 
  12. Paper Gods back in Billboard 200 chart at #45

    Yep - if someone buys a ticket (or multiples) and redeems for the CD(s), then that counts towards record sales.  But tickets went on sale weeks ago and so the heaviest volume was that first week.  Then it's a matter of when folks decided to redeem.  The album charted for a week at, what?  175 or something?  Then dropped off, then came back at 45.  So folks were doing the heavy redeeming the week that pushed sales to 45.  Generally, folks waiting to buy tickets later are probably more casual types who are in no rush to redeem (if they even do).  I just bought a ticket to see Black Sabbath next week and I certainly fall into the "casual" fan vs. the type that would try to get the best seat the week they went on sale.  There's no manipulation going on other than possibly WB timing the emails to redeem in such a way as to try to get the most concentrated responses - and that's fair game.   It's all good. 
  13. Metallica sues Tribute Band..

    With Napster - Metallica stood their ground even though they were made out to be villains.  If publicity was going to make them change course, that was going to be the time......not this.  They have nothing to lose from this tribute band.  And btw, I can't fault any artist from holding someone accountable who is facilitating illegal distribution and profiting from music that a band created and OWNS the rights to; there are arguments to be made both ways and I could easily make a pro-napster argument, but I thought Metallica had balls to do what they did; same as Taylor Swift with Spotify; the big artists have the least to lose with things like Napster or Spotify,  but they have the MOST to lose from bad publicity - so when they stick up for all the artists that don't have the resources or the voice to defend's a good thing.  And whether an artist has millions or not - it doesn't matter.  Musicians should be paid for their work.  Most musicians are not rich and the ones that make it and become rich did so against all odds.  You're just mad because Metallica are more successful than Slayer. 
  14. Paper Gods #3 on Billboard Alternative

    Good catch Andre.  That's pretty cool.
  15. Paper Gods back in Billboard 200 chart at #45

    Thanks!  I wasn't able to find the latest rules - just those from 2011 that seemed to have some requirements that looked applicable (at least in part......the active participation of the recipient vs. a cd automatically given with each ticket) in how the cds might be counted.  it would be cool to see the current rules/requirements (just for those of us that are curious and into that kinda thing).  Hex Appeal's post with the link was the confirmation we needed.