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  1. Diamond in the mind

    Thanks Cool Barn!! Good points about Roger and his playing. I've always thought he has to be 100 percent on his game due to the stuff that Nick's sequencers and such are timed, cues etc. I'm sure you have heard some of the first recorded live bootleg stuff where you can here some timing cues, a version of Night Boat comes to mind.
  2. Diamond in the mind

    I respect your posts, so I'll ask you without sounding negative. Do you think Nick is really playing the predominant keyboard part as shown in the video for Girl Panic? It just sounds "too perfect" if you know what I mean. I know Nick is very busy during shows, but i would love for him to freehand a little more.
  3. "Pressure Off" Available on Google Play!

    Agreed, I have emailed Katy twice in 15 years. The first time was for the "limited" number of downloads that were available for the Steve Aoki remix for HLTW. The second was yesterday. My point in the email was to let the decision makers know what a mess that rdao app was. She replied both times, and appreciated the input.
  4. "Pressure Off" Available on Google Play!

    No harm dude, it's all good, but aren't you doing the same thing by complaining about the complaining? At least my rant had a more direct route. While your post was spot on in many instances, it probably took quite a bit of time too.
  5. "Pressure Off" Available on Google Play!

    I emailed Katy...if I have to spend 3 hours of my life to find something that should take 30 seconds to get, somebody's gonna hear about it.
  6. Where did you hear Duran Duran today?

    I heard Want You More! at a casino. It sounded awesome to hear it out in public.
  7. Should Duran do this with the new album like new U2?

    It's funny how John has talked about how once you have the success, you will do anything to try and maintain that feeling...fortunately I think john and DD realized that you can't live that way when it comes to the music you put out. I don't think U2 has figured that out. I love U2 and the like others have said, the new album is good, but not great. I think they are trying to hard to stay relevant. Same with Madonna.
  8. Duran's performance at Fashion Rocks

    The Reflex has never played well live in my has always sounded watered down compared to the single version. My favorite live version of the Reflex was actually Live Aid---the synths were metallic and sharp, Andy rocked it, and John and Roger provided a funk rock vibe that was in line with the album version. I know the band hated their live aid showing, probably mostly because of Simon and the bum note in AVTAK, but I always will love that performance of The Reflex.
  9. Duran's performance at Fashion Rocks

    The dd performance fell flat for me too...I liked the transition from the reflex to panic. Dom's guitar sounded horrible in my opinion, and that backup singer is no Anna Ross, or Lamya. I did really dig the A View to A kill bit before the DJ set. I absolutely loved the Notorious bit! I hope to capture that on an mp3!
  10. Back with Nile Rodgers and Mark Ronson in Studio the other pics that were one fb and twitter.
  11. Back with Nile Rodgers and Mark Ronson in Studio

    Who is the other dude with Mr H, Mark, Nile and DD?
  12. Back with Nile Rodgers and Mark Ronson in Studio

    I was hoping for album news, but Unstaged in theaters is cool too!
  13. Back with Nile Rodgers and Mark Ronson in Studio

    Big announcement tomorrow according to DD twitter feed.
  14. Is Ronson back in the fold?
  15. Is Ronson back in the fold?

    Yes!!! Ronson is back in the studio with them! From the dd twitter feed...