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  1. Duran Duran mentioned onn John Oliver show

    Cute bit... True, it wasn't a favorable mention; but at least it was accurate in its mockery.
  2. More Agnostic than Atheist Simon....

    I see it as someone is born with talent. What they do with that talent is their choice (cultivate it or ignore it), once it is developed- whether or not they become famous for it is pure luck.
  3. Face for Today....Radio Creme Brulee

    To each their own of course. There are a few "fan favorite" songs I don't care for either. But that being said, I LOVE 'Face For Today'. It does have the classic DD feel. It's like they found the perfect melody, and didn't overwork it.
  4. Music association thread for poor Warren

    Can't really fault me for going with the more recent song though. I've been listening to PG a hell of a lot more often than PT lately. Take A Giant Step - the Monkees
  5. OT - Why PWU Should Be Banned

    You might have to ban me as well. I live in a split household. I legit don't know who to root for when it's Cardinals vs. Brewers!
  6. Where did you hear Duran Duran today?

    'Notorious' at the dentist office today.
  7. Music association thread for poor Warren

    I'll bite... Last Night in the City - DD
  8. Musical Association

    I Didn't Mean To Turn You On - Robert Palmer
  9. Musical Association

    Mother Mother - Tracy Bonham
  10. musical association game

    Red Right Hand - Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds
  11. Music Association

    Sleep - Stabbing Westward
  12. After Simon who has the next best voice in Duran..

    1. Simon (Of course!) 2. Andy 3. Dom (Yes, I'm counting him. A bit gruff, but GOOD!) 4. John (Great at writing his solo songs, but doesn't quite have enough range for them.) 5. Warren (Can be heard pretty clearly in backing vocals, especially in Missing Persons. Kinda betterthan John, but I like John's voice more.) 6. Nick & Roger (Have we ever actually heard either one sing real notes? Medazzaland doesn't count.)
  13. Road Trip! Who Can I Meet?

    I'll wave as you drive past my little town!
  14. Really Love Only in Dreams..

    Sounds like the party would be worth it just to see all these knuckleheads interact in the same room! But just for fun, I peeked at what plane tickets would cost and.... HOLY CRAP ON A CRACKER!
  15. Need Help: Complete List of All Simon Le Bon Solo Works

    Can't believe I forgot this one yesterday... 'Record Collection' by Mark Ronson!