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  1. Where did you hear Duran Duran today?

    Wasn't exactly random; but I asked my kids what album they would like to hear in the car today, and they all yelled in unison "PAPER GODS!"    I think I have some true Duranie-in-training in my midst! (Much to hubby's chagrin.)    
  2. Music association thread for poor Warren

    Wouldn't It Be Good - Nik Kershaw
  3. Q: I wish Duran Duran had made a MUSIC VIDEO for...?

    'Land' from Big Thing. Every time I listen to that song I have a picture in my head of some guy (Simon, ideally, but could be any of them) as a navy sailor on a boat either thinking of the woman he left behind or writing a letter to her. The other band members would be fellows sailors of course.  The video would end with his return.   I suppose it would be sappy and a little too on-the-nose, considering the lyrics.  But again, that's what goes on in my head during that song anyway...
  4. Music association thread for poor Warren

    Just a Girl - No Doubt
  5. Musical Association

    Do It Again - Holy Ghost
  6. Musical Association

    Black Coffee in Bed - Squeeze
  7. Music Association

    The Girl Who Wouldn't Die - Tsar
  8. Music Association

    Is There Something I Should Know - DD
  9. Music Association

    Jump They Say - David Bowie
  10. Music association thread for poor Warren

    Take On Me - Aha
  11. Music association thread for poor Warren

    Walking After You - Foo Fighters
  12. Musical Association

    That's one of my favorite songs of his, unless you count..... Underground - 'Labyrinth' soundtrack -Bowie or Magic Dance -  'Labyrinth' soundtrack -Bowie or As the World Falls Down -'Labyrinth' soundtrack -Bowie (Seriously, for the next poster, just go from any of those three, I can't decide which one to use right now. 'Labyrinth' was a staple of my childhood and the soundtrack was the very first CD I ever owned.  I still have that very same copy today as well.)     
  13. I wonder if Bowie would have ever worked with Duran?

    I think if he liked the song, he would have considered it.  He'd done plenty of collabs before.    I'm trying to imagine if their voices would have sounded good together?  I can't quite tell, but then I don't really have an ear for that sort of thing anyway. 
  14.   STRAWBS!  It's been ages!  
  15. I got Simon!   Though no, I think Tange still got me pegged.  My personality is closer to a Roger-type.