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  1. How does this reputation thing work?

    Awhile back there was the option of liking and disliking a post and that would increase or decrease someone's reputation points. Now people just have the option of clicking the like button on a comment. The more likes you get the more reputation points you receive.
  2. Large US Venues...How Will They Sell Tickets?

    They are playing arenas but a lot of these will be theater bowl settings of around 8,000 capacity.
  3. PG is in the Billboard Top 10!

    Dude, just relax and enjoy the fact that it's 2015 and there is new music to listen to. I don't think even their accountant is focused on numbers as you are.
  4. PG is in the Billboard Top 10!

    This is a good article that appeared in a local paper that talks about album sales now comapred to years back. Alan Cross on why album sales don't matter anymore For the first time, streaming revenues exceeded those of physical sales. What matters now are listens and views. The Weeknd can brag of being No. 1 again on both sides of the border with Beauty Behind the Madness, but does this even matter anymore? By: Alan Cross Metro Published on Thu Sep 24 2015 Back in the day, it was all about record sales. Artists and labels worked hard to push releases up the charts to create a virtuous circle of popularity. The higher the chart position, the more people paid attention. That led to more radio airplay, which inevitably resulted in more sales. A No. 1 song or album on the Billboard charts generated untold millions of dollars for everyone. We’re still in the habit of judging the success of a release by its sales figures. Just as we get reports on weekend box office numbers for movies (as if the movie that makes the most money makes it the best), we still hear where records rank on the charts. I’m guilty of it, too. Every week on my website,, I publish a summary and analysis of the week’s physical and digital music sales. But I think I’m going to stop doing that. Why? Because raw sales just don’t matter anymore. Before streaming, before the Internet, the weekly SoundScan numbers meant something. Buying music was the only way you could listen to it on your own time. But with streaming, we have access to tens of millions of songs for free. Why buy anything anymore? In the old days, it was routine for a big album to have first week sales well into six figures and then settle into the high five figures for weeks. A not-insignificant number of albums debuted with sales of a million copies or more. Now consider this week’s album sales. The Weeknd can brag of being No. 1 again on both sides of the border with Beauty Behind the Madness, but let’s dig into the actual numbers. He topped the charts in Canada with sales of only 6,200 copies, a sales figure that would have been considered disastrous not that long ago. It’s even weirder in the U.S. where he’s No. 1 with sales of just 55,000 units in a nation of 319 million people. The bar for a No. 1 is beyond limbo-low. We also reached an interesting tipping point this past week. For the first time, streaming revenues exceeded that of physical sales. What matters now are listens and views. How many people streamed a song? How many accessed it through YouTube? How many times was it shared on social media? Those are the metrics that determine a hit today. Keep that in mind the next time someone brags about having a No. 1 record on Billboard.
  5. Tomorrow DD on Ellen...Don't forget
  6. What did PG chart in Canada??

    It did not make the top 10 albums. I don't know where it landed outside of that because billboard only lists the top 15 albums.
  7. PG is in the Billboard Top 10!

    This is quite an amazing achievement when you consider they don't currently have a hit single or video. Well done!
  8. Just wanted to make the mods aware...

    That is odd. I removed that video from DraytonBlackgrove's signature. Let me know if it still pops up.
  9. Paper Gods track listing

    Via Amazon. I don't know if this is the order on the album and I'm guessing the bonus tracks will be available on a deluxe version. Pressure Off Paper Gods (feat.Mr Hudson) The Universe Alone Last Night In The City (feat. Kiesza) Change The Skyline (feat. Jonas Bjerre) Danceophobia What Are The Chances? Butterfly Girl You Kill Me With Silence Sunset Garage Face For Today Only In Dreams Valentine Stones (Bonus Track) Northern Lights (Bonus Track) Planet Roaring (Bonus Track)
  10. Pressure Off - Poll

    Love it! Nile Rodgers has the funk!
  11. Is the Single Coming Out TODAY?

    This came on the Duran Duran news letter for those who don't get it; Welcome to your May D-Blast! Things are heating up for the band, and it looks like they will have a summer single. Keep your ears peeled for "Pressure Off," featuring Janelle Monáe and Nile Rodgers - we are hoping to have a clip of the song, ahead of the release, for you soon! In case you missed the news, the upcoming Duran Duran album will be coming out on Warner Brothers Records! The band seems on track for a September album launch. They are re-convening in the Studio on May 6th, but the guys will soon be totally focused on promotion and performances. Both Simon and Nick used their recent "free time" for some cool 'side jobs'!
  12. Stay on topic

    Please post non related discussion of the band in the Room7609 forum. Please and thank you.
  13. Q: LK SCREEN NAMES... What does YOURS mean?

    Lizard King = Jim Morrison
  14. Ok its March. Is the band in the studio again or what?

    I think this is just the "bang the shit out of instruments until we come up with some catchy" phase.
  15. Ok its March. Is the band in the studio again or what?

    Tweets Duran Duran ‏@duranduran Did we discuss @duranduran is back in the Studio this week? Did we??